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The Cascade Beer Candi Company produces syrups that will add unique flavors to your handcrafted beer. Our syrups are made with 100% pure cane sugar for purity and incredible flavor. Each small batch of handmade syrup is slow cooked to give your beer a distinct flavor, such as toffee, vanilla, plums and raisins. We produce Clear, Blonde, Amber and Dark-style syrups. These products can be used to fortify any beer, such as Imperial IPA’s, English-style strong ales and your favorite Belgian-style beers
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Customer Testomonials
Here are a few comments from our customers!
"I had ordered some candi syrups from you a few months ago. I ordered the ginger syrup and the chipotle syrup. You were very nice to have included a jar of your blonde and dark syrups as well to try. Thank you very much for that. I have since used the specialty syrups and the blonde syrup in a saison that I brewed.

It was a 10 gallon batch of Saison. I simply added the blonde syrup to the end of the boil. I think that it did a great job of lending some more sugars for the yeast to eat and lent some more flavors that I would not have gotten from a simple table sugar. I did a one gallon sub-batch with about 1/5th of the jar of the chipotle syrup. I bottled that this past weekend, and tasted a sample. Wow, what flavor! I'm looking forward to that, and wish I had done more than a gallon. I did a four gallon batch with about 4/5ths of the jar of the ginger syrup. That tastes amazing as well. I had it in my keg, but bottled that up so it could age a bit. I want the ginger to settle a bit.

Just wanted to let you know that your syrups are terrific, and I look forward to using them again.

-John O'Rourke"

Thanks John for your review and testimonial of our products! We are glad that your beers are turning out great and that you are experimenting with some of the flavors like ginger and chipotle.
"My Imperial Stout with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cherries, 'Russian Dessert' placed second in the Specialty category at the 2013 Cascade Brewers Cup Pro Am thanks to Cascade Beer Candi Company Belgian candi syrup. I added the Blonde Syrup at the end of boil, the Tart Cherry candi syrup after primary fermentation, and then vanilla beans and chocolate nibs.

I can't wait to make my next ale with the chipotle syrup.
Denny Conn I'm loving your stuff!
A very satisfied customer
A little history about me, right after I converted my girlfriend over to drinking the good stuff she was diagnosed as being allergic to Gluten which prompted me to get back into home brewing so that she could enjoy the good stuff with the rest of us.

My research for Gluten free recipes brought me to your products, my first batch was 6 pounds of Sorghum syrup with the Orange Coriander syrup that I ordered from More Beer with honey and Cascade hops, my girlfriend and my home brew club loved it! Much better than any sorghum beer on the shelf!

I used the second jar of Orange Coriander syrup in 5 gallons of apple juice and brown sugar for a one of a kind hard cider!

My original order here, the Tart Cherry was used this weekend in 5 gallons of apple juice and honey to make a cherry cyser! You should smell the air lock!

I think the Blood Orange you included might have to be used with sorghum syrup with some Belgian candi syrup and Belgian yeast.............mmmmmmmm

I don't know if you intended your products to be used in sorghum beers or ciders but that's what I use them for and they are fantastic! I will definitely be leaving positive reviews as you requested!

A very satisfied customer,

Thank You!
I received my order in two days, and you kindly gave me two free samples!!! I can't wait to try these syrups out and I imagine I will be a repeat customer. I love the variety of flavors offered and the awesome customer service. I will gladly leave feedback as requested after I get to try them out.

Thanks again,

Wholesale Bulk Syrups for Breweries and Cider Companies
We package all our syrups in 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums.Please contact us for pricing- Phone-360-863-2925 or email us
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